• From Sustainable Way to Sustainable Play Sustainable Way Since 1981, our mission has been to create a more sustainable world. At PlanToys, we are determined to do this by carefully considering the environment and society when it comes to our business practices, while also focusing on safety standards and child development in production. By applying innovative eco-friendly manufacturing methods and using green materials, we help pave a sustainable path for our children while also doing our part to protect the beautiful ecosystems and environments that inhabit our planet.

    Sustainable Play
    We believe that the PlanToys Sustainable Way will help educate and inspire society to prioritize environmental preservation, child safety and development. By raising children who are self-aware, environmentally-conscious and imaginative, it is our hope that they will become individuals who understand the value of life, nature, connection and play.
    If one simple plaything helps one small child become a person who understand the value of life...
    and the valuable connection between them and the world in which they live, then we have proudly done our job.